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Chakra Affirmations


Crown Chakra

Spirit, intuition, worthiness, divinity, access to higher self


- I easily connect with spirit (higher self)

- I am complete and one with divine energy

- I am cherished by God and the universe

- I am at ease with my place in the world

- I am thankful and grateful for all the goodness in my life

third eye.png

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, imagination, awareness, perception


- I trust and act upon my intuition

- I am imaginative and playful

- I am fully aware at all times

- My vision transmits and permeates to others

- I am thankful and grateful for my positive visions


Throat Chakra

Communication, Creative expression, truth, listening, independence


- I clearly and lovingly express myself

- I communicate with ease and clarity

- I am a skilled listener and I listen to understand

- I speak my truth with confidence

- My lovingly delivered truths are well received


Heart Chakra

Compassion for self and others, unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness


- I am unconditional love

- I deeply and completely love and accept myself

- I easily accept myself and others

- I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally

- I am connected to everything in the universe

solar plexus.png

Solar Plexus Chakra

Intelligence, worthy, self-esteem, self-love


- I am a powerful creator of my life

- I radiate joyful self-confidence

- I am filled with purpose and passion

- I manifest my desires with ease

- I am thankful and grateful for wisdom and inner guidance


Sacral Chakra

Activity, creativity, emotions, fertility


- I am a sensual and creative being

- I easily forgive myself and others

- I enjoy and am worthy of pleasure

- My relationships bring me great joy

- I am thankful and grateful for my pleasurable relationships


Root Chakra

Abundance, groundedness, safety, passion


- I am thankful and grateful for my life's clarity

- I am thankful and grateful for my stability

- I am thankful and grateful for my vast abundance of vital energy

- I am thankful and grateful for my abundant resources (or finances)