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Meet Andrea

Speaker | Healer | Coach

Andrea Willoughby is an expert at restoring peace in a stressed-out body. Living in a highly sensitive body, with a driven, goal-oriented mind was step #1 in Andrea’s education to becoming an expert on how to calm and heal the nervous system.


She now teaches others what she learned to have her own healthy body and happy mind; she joyfully guides and mentors them to thrive and manifest their desires and purpose in life.

Additionally, for those interested in learning cultivate their natural healing abilities, please see the VIP Program.

"In my early teens, my natural gift for helping others to heal their wounds and worries began to surface as I cared for an ill family member. However, without training, I began to take on those illnesses, and energies of others..

Additional injuries and stresses that everyone experiences as part of life created a series of health challenges that conventional medicine could not resolve. I knew I had a different life to lead than the one I was experiencing, so I began to look for alternative solutions.

As I discovered non-invasive, no-force, and drug-free solutions to my own issues, I also found my calling: to help others regain their health, vitality and joy without the decades of struggle I endured.


After years of study, practice, and numerous certifications, I created Embody Your Joy Healing to bring all of my healing and teaching talents together to help others find, embrace and embody their unique gifts and purpose in this life." 

In gratitude, Andrea

Education and Certifications

Morter Health System of BioEnergetics

Master Practitioner:  B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique)


Energy Codes* Trainer and Facilitator -


Certified Yoga Instructor - Specializing in Body Awake* and Kundalini Yoga

School of Holistic Health

Intuitive Bodywork Practitioner


Master Reiki, Craniosacral, and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner


San Jose State University

Bachelor's Degree | Business and Language

* The Energy Codes System is founded and authored by Dr. Sue Morter

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