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Energy Medicine Yoga and Healing


Deep Transformation Takes Time

Consistency with the right kind of practices guarantees transformation of mind and body. The key is finding a combination of practices that work for you.

We bring together live Kundalini, Yin, and Energy Medicine yoga classes, class recordings, meditations, ayurvedic support, sound healing, energy healing, and The Energy Codes teachings so can experience a profound shift in your mind and body.

 ~Andrea Willoughby ~

   Wellness Facilitator

Deep Healing and Emotional Mastery

Consistency with the right kind of mind and body practices for you guarantees transformation. The key is finding the combination of mind, body, and spirit practices that you enjoy, and that work well for your body.

The mind will always try to dominate and take over, if you let it. It's critical that we know what to do when that happens. When we take action with conscious thought, and move our body with conscious intention, we make way for whole body healing!

We bring together live Kundalini, Yin, and Energy Medicine yoga classes. Click below to try your free trial. 

In addition, on our private Facebook group called Women's Emotional Mastery, we offer meditations, ayurvedic support, and information about sound healing, energy healing, and aroma therapy. We bring a variety of healing methods so you can get to know what appeals to you, and works best for your body. 

Membership Information

We offer two levels of membership, Standard and VIP.  VIP includes one 15-minute private healing session with Andrea per month.  Each week, the Live Yoga classes are Tues at 9am, Thurs at 5pm, and Sat at 10am - Pacific Time.

Both plans include include three live yoga classes per week and...

  • Recordings Library available when you can't attend live

  • Seasonal Kundalini Meditation Challenges.

  • Group Monthly Healing Sessions