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Signature VIP Program

Signature VIP Program

I want to help you reclaim your energy, life purpose, and business. Moving forward can become second nature to you. In my yearlong-mentorship program, I introduce and teach you everything that I have learned, in my 18-years as a healer. I show you how to address any challenge in life using my signature Embody Your Joy Healing System. I deeply desire for you to heal yourself, and others, so we may create a better world for all.

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The Signature VIP Program was brought together for people who;

Naturally desire to help others, as well as yourself

Naturally desire to help others, as well as yourself

The Signature VIP Program was brought together for people who;

Naturally desire to help others, as well as yourself

Are interested in being a healer or health coach

Have struggled with illness, pain, depression, or anxiety

Are highly sensitive, yet driven, passionate person

Are highly sensitive, yet driven, passionate person

Energy Medicine Membership

Physical Emotional Transformational Healing
Are you looking to transform your life? The key is finding the combination of mind, body, and spirit practices that you enjoy, and that work well for your body.
The mind will always try to dominate and take over, if you let it. It's critical that we know what to do when that happens. When we take action with conscious thought, and move our body with conscious intention, we make way for whole body healing!

In this membership, we bring together live and recorded classes of Yin, Kundalini, and Gentle Flow Yoga, all with a focus on bringing healing with Energy Medicine. There are also opportunities for healing movement meditations, breathwork, chanting and sound healing.  

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Special offer - if you subscribe to the monthly yoga by the end of September, your package will include a free 10-minute BEST healing session.


If you subscribe before Oct 9th, your price will remain at $47 through 2021. For those who subscribe after Oct 9th, the price will be $67/month.

Mind Body Healing Academy

Includes a minimum of 12-live classes with Andrea every month!

 Monthly Membership $77
Two week trial for only $5! 

Membership includes:

Three-per-week live emotional
healing, movement and yoga classes 
Zoom. A library of recorded classes are available if you can't make it live.  

Seasonal Kundalini Meditation Challenges and Ayurvedic Support.

Facebook group support Women's Emotional Mastery includes:  
Inspiring practices and posts, meditations, energy healings, sound healings, and movement exercises.

Monthly live Q&A's on Zoom

Live classes are Tues at 9am, Thurs at 5pm, and Sat at 10am - Pacific Time. 

Membership automatically renews monthly until you cancel.
Start with 2-week trial for only $5. 


About Andrea Willoughby

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Andrea is a long time energy healer and B.E.S.T. (BioEnergeticSynchronizationTechnique) practitioner, and a registered yoga instructor.

She specializes in the energy healing practices of Kundalini Yoga, and MBH Breath and Movement, a gentle somatic therapy for emotional release. Both feature gentle, repetitive movements, breath patterns and meditations that nurture and restore the nervous system so that daily stresses of all kinds are easily tolerated. The yoga classes are designed for students of all levels.

What they say about my yoga class...

Yoga at Home

I am so grateful for the positive light you have been in my life and I am sure my family will tell you they appreciate my increasingly peaceful and laid back demeanor.

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