5-day Kundalini Live Online Challenge.pn

Healing never happens just from the mind. It happens in combination with the body, mind, and spirit. An amazing way to activate the body aspect is with a regular yoga practice. One of my favorite 'on the mat' practices is Kundalini Yoga.  It has inspired me to embrace daily meditation with 5-day or more challenges.... 'cuz you know, I'm just not a natural meditator! But I can do a meditation that keeps me busy and active for 11-minutes, and is repeated daily for the length of the challenge. 

In honor of the spring season, I'm holding a 5-day Kundalini Live Online Challenge that will not only help you break through real and imagined disabilities, but will help clear your lungs and heart chakra. Who doesn't need that in the time of Covid?


This challenge an active practice combining breath, movement, and meditation. We will do the practice together live, on several days of the challenge, or you can do it on your own once you learn the practice. There will be raffle prize opportunities for those who join live, and for those who share this opportunity and invite their friends.

Join us on the first day of the challenge May 11th at 9am PDT. Register to receive the Zoom link and option to join the Facebook private group

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