Ten Weeks to Transformation

Powerful Chakra Activations and Healing - A Guided Journey Through The Energy Codes

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Are you ready to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life?

Join me on my 10-Week Healing Series, as I support you to step into your power and reveal your true magnificence.

Do you know that it is often our earliest programming from childhood that is still running the show? Childhood, mother, and even ancestral wounds play a role in carving out our unique life journey. Those stress reactions and wounds were once relevant, but their lasting effects are no longer helpful. Unleashing their ties can free you to live the inner and outer life you've always desired.


Every week, I will combine on-the-spot healing meditations, chakra balancing movement, and breath practices, along with my own deep discoveries about true healing. I also include teachings of The Energy Codes Book by Dr. Sue Morter, one of my long-term mentors on my healing and healer journey. 

In addition, you will benefit from my unique ability to channel away your old programming and stress patterns, and lighten your load.  Being born a gifted empath and highly sensitive intuitive helped me find my path as a healer. I've honed these skills over the years to be able to transmit your top priority healing needs. With over 20 years experience as a Master Spiritual B.ES.T. and Reiki Practitioner, I can help you deepen your spiritual practice, find your intuitive gifts, heal your body, and live your best life.

Each week we will dive deep into various healing experiences, while supported by teachings and graphics.

Every session includes time for multiple participants to receive individual laser coaching, and Q & A, from which the entire group will benefit. Each session will be recorded if you are unable to attend any evening.

In This Series, You will:

Attend 10 Creative Healing and Teaching Sessions

Receive a 1-to-1 private BEST treatment with Andrea

Heal Various Energy Code Chakras Patterns 

Learn to Heal on every level of your life.

Create a powerful shift in your reality! Become happier, healthier, and more successful by living your true path.

Practice Intentional Breath-work for energy release and physical and emotional healing.

Experience Peace with yourself, harmony with others, and relaxation in life.

Lock in a clear understanding of Quantum Science that can help you self-heal forever.

Discover how to access the Unified Field of Possibilities and manifest it as your own!

Learn the Language of the Soul and become the soul in action.

Transcend the protective personality/ego and its limiting beliefs for a life that flows with ease.

Heal Pain in your body and turn on the vital life force you are meant to be in the world.

Bonuses Include:


A free month of my Energy Medicine Yoga Membership


A beautiful journal to write down your thoughts, awakenings, and epiphanies.

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A hardback copy of The Energy Codes book by Dr Sue Morter.

Even if you attended this course before, you will benefit as each experience and group is different; and repetition is gold when learning to embody these concepts. 

Your cost for all 10 weeks, a journal and hardback copy of The Energy Codes book, plus access to all recordings is $499 


10-Week Series each Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:00 PM PDT

Begins Wednesday, Sept 15th

What People Say About
Working With Me...

Kate Miramontez

"I have healed so much through working with Andrea, and have also learned self-love and healing practices. I urge anyone who has any chronic conditions, whether it's physical pain, anxiety or trauma to see Andrea!"

Andrea's work is as wonderful as it is unique. She is a caring, knowledgeable practitioner, both as an embodiment therapist and emotional energy healer. I have both experienced her work with great results, and I have sent clients to her who are equally happy

I am truly grateful to have found Andrea! I was referred to her to help release physical and emotional stress. I felt right at ease during our first appointment and saw instant results. I was truly amazed! My husband calls her my "Happy Lady"

Ruth Kellogg

Kim Strom

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