Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Series

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The people and situations showing up in your life today are no coincidence. We are the creators of our lives and we magnetize what we believe, and so it follows that we have attracted those very people and scenarios because of what we hold true about ourselves.


Our beliefs are at the root of our ingrained thoughts about our self worth and identity. And those beliefs come not only from what we’ve seen modeled from our parents and other VIP’s in our life, but also from our ancestral lineage. Such beliefs surround our feelings about sexuality, abuse, not being good enough, and needing to force things to happen, rather than allowing life to unfold as we give ourselves the space needed to feel our feelings.

As a teen and young adult, we often went with what was familiar. If our mother or father was overbearing and domineering, we attracted similar personalities in friendships, bosses and lovers. The drama and trauma may not have felt good, but it was familiar. We longed, as always, to try to change these people, thereby proving our worth. And the same went for these friends and partners.


Our pain and insecurity fit them like a glove. If they were overbearing, we were soothing and amenable. We enabled them to play out their old family or abandonment patterns. Our mutual ‘pain bodies’ magnetized each other.


Over the decades, we will attract a number of these dysfunctional relationships until we decide…..nope, no more!

What we may not have realized is that our family’s patterns were not just seen and adopted by us, we actually merged with many of them, making them seem like our own. We took that energy on and in, in order to survive and find our place in the world. An explosive family dynamic may have produced multiple children that handled parental behaviors and outbursts each in their own way, but still all merged with that same energy. One child might be the good girl, trying to be quiet, and stay unseen and unheard. Another child in the same family might rebel and disrupt the dynamic, still in her own way trying to survive and be valued. 


The good news is, it’s just energy…..and it’s not even yours. So if you’re carrying it or merged with it, it’s time to set it down. Free yourself of the energy of others, so you can begin to get to know who you really are, and reveal the true magnificence of you!

Which is why I am hosting a 5- part Sacred Feminine Womb Healing Series, where we will delve deeper into exploring what is yours and what is not.

In addition to the merged energy that we took on to survive, I will focus on helping you heal your family patterns, ancestral lineage, and womb woes. I will help you find patterns that need healing, help shift those energies, and coach you on how to do this for yourself in each group session.


Merged Energies

Energies we took on from those around us in order to survive. Such energies are at the foundation of many of our beliefs about ourselves.  Do we feel worthy? Do we hold back sexually? Are we afraid to speak up and be seen? Can we thrive in all areas and stages of our lives? 


Ancestral Energies

 Do we carry an ancestral pattern of abuse, anxiety, or depression? We don’t need to know who, why, how or when it got planted, we just need to free ourselves of this heavy, out-of-date, irrelevant burden, passed along our lineage. Ancestral Healing can help change our thinking regarding relationships, finances, and health.


Womb Healing

So many of us have experienced challenging events related to our womb space and Svadhisthana Chakra. Infertility, childbirth, stillborn birth, abortion, injuries, surgery like c-sections and hysterectomies, sexual abuse and rape all relate to this area; wombspace healing can dissolve these traumas, stress, and emotional ties from previous lovers, as well as heal creative blocks.

This series includes:

Five Group Healing Sessions and Meditations

Two 30-min sessions (Andrea's Signature Sessions)

A month of the Yoga Membership

including 3 Live Weekly Classes each week

 FREE access to a monthly healing night

Workbook and Journal  PDF for you to print out

Access to private FB group

Total Value of this package at regular price is over $700.00

We will take time in each session to do some interactive practices, meditations, and energy healing, to integrate these energies and take out the charge. You’ll begin to build the circuitry so that your innate healing power comes fully back online. You’re not broken, you’re just unplugged.

You don’t want to miss this! If you want to change your life, then begin by changing your energy in a safe and nurturing environment. 


5-week series

Starting Monday, December 01 2021 at 6:30pm-8pm PST.

The series run from December 01, December 08, December 15, January 05 to January12

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