12 Weeks to Transformation

Calm Woman

Do you know that it is often our earliest programming from childhood that is still running the show? 

Childhood, mother, and even ancestral wounds play a role in carving out our unique life journey.


Those stress reactions and wounds were once relevant, but their lasting effects are no longer helpful.


Unleashing their ties can free you to live the inner and outer life you've always desired.

This program is for:

Women who are ready for a FAB Life Do-Over. It’s never too late to begin.

Women who want more pleasure in their lives

Women who want to live bigger and make every moment count

Women who want more respect from their loved ones, more intimacy, and more connection

Experiencing the resolution of pain and illness in your body.

Women who want to have a new outlook on life. 

Learning to handle life’s difficult situations in a new and satisfying way. 

Getting good at sensing into your body's messages, and in turn your soul messages. 

Helping you to embrace the idea that the universe is working in your favor.

Increasing your understanding of your body's healing process, bringing peace rather than fear

What’s inside this amazing program

         Tuning into your soulful self

Project Awakening

Bus-Stop Conversation

Tuning into the vibration of love, (the healing elixir) and the heart code

Finding our voice (Breath Code/5th chakra)

Gaining the big picture of our intuition (6th chakra)

Anchoring into Your Root Chakra

Working with the Wombspace/2nd Chakra. Creating a release valve for our densest fear, shame, and guilt vibrations. Opening to our creativity, owning our feelings, embracing our soulful self

3rd Chakra - Learning and honing our skill of clearing blockages, and building the circuitry for self love

Connecting with Source (Crown Chakra/Spirit Code)

Bonuses Include:

Group of Women

12 Weekly Group Sessions

Energy Codes Book.jpg

The Energy Codes Book sent to you in the mail

Video Call

Weekly Practice Session Livestreams on FB

Childhood Psychology

Two 45-minute private sessions during the duration of the program

Friendly Conversation

Three months of my Energy Medicine Membership program.

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Even if you attended this course before, you will benefit as each experience and group is different; and repetition is gold when learning to embody these concepts. 

Your cost for all 12 weeks, and a hardback copy of The Energy Codes book, plus access to all recordings, and a month of the Energy Medicine Membership is $699 


12-Week Series each Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:00 PM PDT

Begins January 26 at 6:30 pm PST

What People Say About
Working With Me...

Kate Miramontez

"I have healed so much through working with Andrea, and have also learned self-love and healing practices. I urge anyone who has any chronic conditions, whether it's physical pain, anxiety or trauma to see Andrea!"

Andrea's work is as wonderful as it is unique. She is a caring, knowledgeable practitioner, both as an embodiment therapist and emotional energy healer. I have both experienced her work with great results, and I have sent clients to her who are equally happy

I am truly grateful to have found Andrea! I was referred to her to help release physical and emotional stress. I felt right at ease during our first appointment and saw instant results. I was truly amazed! My husband calls her my "Happy Lady"

Ruth Kellogg

Kim Strom

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