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Embody Your Joy Healing

Are you ready to feel Confident, Secure, and Empowered in your daily life?


Do you want a steady physical state of Vitality and Thriving Health?


Are you craving Authentic, Warm and Loving Relationships?


Do you want consistent access to Peace, Calm, and Good Sleep?


If you can answer YES to any of the questions above, let's chat. Click on Book a Session above to schedule your complimentary 15-min consultation.  

What's New at Embody Your Joy

Mind Body Healing Academy

Deep Transformation Takes Time 


Consistency with the right kind of practices guarantees transformation of mind and body. The key is finding a combination of practices that work for you.


Finding your right yoga or meditation practice is an exploration. Some people struggle to sit quietly and meditate. I know I did! After many years of trial and error, I found a variety of physical and spiritual practices that enabled me to build a strong foundation for my healing path.


In the MBH Academy, I bring together live and recorded Kundalini yoga classes, meditations, ayurveda, sound healing, energy healing, and The Energy Codes teachings so you, too, can experience a profound shift in your mind and body.

 ~Andrea Willoughby ~

We Help Resolve


Women’s Health and Emotions

Digestion Disorders

Stress, Tension & Pain

Sleep Disorders

Limiting Beliefs

What Patients Say

"I have healed so much through working with Andrea, and have also learned self-love and meditation. I urge anyone who has any chronic conditions, whether it's physical pain, anxiety or trauma to see Andrea!"

Kate Miramontez


"In the Process of Letting Go You Will Lose Many Things From the Past, but You Will Find Yourself."

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Pacific Integrative and Functional Medicine

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