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Are you ready to feel Confident, Secure, and Empowered in your daily life?


Do you want a steady physical state of Vitality and Thriving Health?


Are you craving Authentic, Warm and Loving Relationships?


Would you love consistent access to Peace, Calm, and Good Sleep?


If you can answer YES to any of the questions above, let's chat. Click on Book a Session above to schedule your complimentary 15-min consultation.  

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Meet Andrea

Speaker | Spiritual Mentor | Healer

Andrea is a long time energy healer and B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) practitioner. She is also an intuitive channel for emotions, and a registered yoga instructor.

She specializes in the energy healing practices of B.E.S.T., Kundalini Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, and her unique FAB (emotional release) Somatic Therapy. Her methods are non-invasive, and feature gentle touch, repetitive movements, breath patterns and guided meditations. Her treatments nurture and restore the nervous system so that daily stresses of all kinds are easily tolerated. The yoga classes are designed for students of all levels.


My Philosophy....

When your nervous system and body are out of balance, that means you have experienced at least one of The Three T’s at least once in your life:


1. TRAUMA or physical shock

2. TOXINS that overburdened your system

3. THOUGHTS or life circumstances that threw you off balance


You are a complete system. When something is out of alignment and balance – physically or emotionally – your system struggles. Both your subconscious mind and body remember past injuries and insults. This accumulation of stress in your memories and your body eventually leads to system overload. At this point, your body and mind don’t easily self-correct, the misalignments layer within your system, and your symptoms and discomforts grow.


Synchronizing the mind and body allows your nervous system to operate more effectively, and recover from new stresses more quickly. With Andrea's work you feel at ease in body and mind, and move forward in life with a sense of embodied joy, and a new awareness of your true magnificence!

I Can Help You...


Find Your Voice

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Clear Energetic Blocks

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Establish A Spiritual Practice

With One on One Healing Sessions

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The Journey Begins With a Single Step. Let's Begin.

I have healed so much through working with Andrea, and have also learned self-love and meditation. I urge anyone who has any chronic conditions, whether it's physical pain, anxiety or trauma to see Andrea!

- Kate Miramontez

Andrea's work is as wonderful as it is unique. She is a caring, knowledgeable practitioner, both as an embodiment therapist and emotional energy healer. I have both experienced her work with great results, and I have sent clients to her who are equally happy.

- Ruth Kellogg, LCSW

I am truly grateful to have found Andrea! I was referred to her to help release physical and emotional stress. I felt right at ease during our first appointment and saw instant results. I was truly amazed! My husband calls her my "Happy Lady" :) 

- Kim Strom

Let’s Begin

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